Instructions for Online Registration Form

print version    (online registration is due by February 23, 2018)

The first 2 questions (county and grade level) confirm eligibility for participation in the WNYRSEF.

Project Registration questions:
1. Enter the county in which the student attends school.
Was the project completed by a SINGLE student or as a TEAM of two?
        >>Single Student (one student’s work) Fill in the first and last name.
>>Team: Two Gr 5 and 6 students may form a team (no other grade levels).
Two Gr 7 and 8 students may form a team (no other grade levels).
Two Gr 9-12 students may form a team (no other grade levels).
Team members should determine who is STUDENT #1, and who is STUDENT #2. Fill in the first and last name for each
student. Complete all the following information for each team member as well.
3. Home Phone Number This will be used only if we need to speak with the student about the project during last minute
committee preparations.)
4. Current Grade Level   This is the grade level he student is in as of September 1, 2017. (Some awards are designated by
grade level.)
5. Current Age Level   This is the age of the student as of September 1, 2017. (Some awards are determined by age.)
6. With what gender does the student identify?   (Some awards are specifically for males or females.)
7. Citizen of the United States Includes permanent residents and indigenous peoples of the United States or its territories
at the time of selection. (The Navy/Marine Award requires the recipient to be a U. S. citizen.)

Project Information questions:
Title of Project  The title is limited to 80 characters, including spaces, punctuation, symbols, etc. Check to make sure the
spelling is correct. It will not be edited.
9. Hypothesis  Tell us in one sentence about the hypothesis. Proof your sentence; it will not be edited.
10. Presentation ( X ) the correct presentation type. The project is “Mentored” if it is conducted under the supervision of a
research institute, higher education program, or as an intern.
11. Area of science     ( X ) the category description that BEST fits the project.
12. Abstract The abstract should not be more than 250 words. Either type here or cut/paste from another document. Proof your
writing–it will not be edited.
13. Do you plan to enter the international competition (Intel ISEF)? A 9th-12th grade student can decide whether or not to
enter his/her project for Intel ISEF consideration.
(see our website for more information,
How does a student make this decision?
      If the student decides to compete for ALL awards available, he/she is required to complete the Scientific Review Committee
(SRC) forms (use the ISEF Wizard ). Complete the interactive forms, download and print.   Then scan all the completed ISEF
forms to create a single PDF. Email to Kelly Hyla  (ISEF Coordinator) at by March 2, 2018.

Sponsor Information questions: A sponsor is the adult who is supervising the student during the scientific process. It may be a classroom teacher, parent/ guardian, scientist/researcher, or organization (i.e. Boy/Girl Scouts, 4-H, etc). The sponsor should complete this section.
14. a. Enter your full name. We need this for your Certificate and the Program Book. Please include: Mr. Mrs. Ms. Dr. etc.
b. E-mail addresses will be used to confirm receipt of registration/waivers/safety checklist/fees when all are received. We
will also keep you up-to-date on Fair events.  Email addresses will not be published.
c. Phone numbers will be used if last minute emergency information is needed.  Phone numbers will not be
d. Give the school/organization name, address, and zip code.  The organization name and city may be published.
15. Check the boxes answering specific questions about this student’s project.
a. Plagiarism/Photo Release Waiver —Unsigned forms will not be registered and the form will be sent back for a signature. If
the project is a team, both team members may enter on one form. Each team member’s signature is required as well as the
signature of each student’s parent or guardian and the sponsor.
b. Safety Checklist—Students will complete the information about the project and sign. Then mail the checklist, with the
Waiver and entry fee.

Send the Plagiarism/Photo Release Waiver and Safety Checklist with the entry fee ($10 for single student, $20 for team of two students) by March 2, 2018 to: WNY Science Congress, Inc. /Registration
P.O. Box 225
Cheektowaga, NY 14225             

  • If you have another project to register after finishing, click the link on the “Thank you” page for a new entry form.
    A confirmation will be sent within 24 hours. Save the project number that will be included in the confirmation email. This is the space in which the student will set up the display at the Fair.
  • If you have questions, please contact the Registrar at