WNYRSEF 2020 proudly announces the complete list of                                                                                     Grand/Advancement Awards, Monetary Awards, and Special Awards!
Mensa Award and Gold Medal Winners

Mensa Award and Gold Medal Winners 2017


Gr 9-12 $200 / medallion $150 / medallion $100 / medallion
Gr 7-8 $100 / medallion $75 / medallion $50 / medallion
Gr 5-6 $20 medallion medallion

Awards are determined by score within each grade level based on the recommendation of the Judges.  There may be more than one gold, silver, or bronze medallion given in a grade level.  Team members split the monetary award.

Honorable Mention Medallion
Medallions are presented within each group at the recommendation of the Judges.

Certificate of Participation
Each registered student who participates in the Western New York Regional Science and Engineering Fair (WNYRSEF) will receive a Certificate of Participation.

Awards and prizes are offered by local companies and organizations that are interested in

  • Advanced Manufacturing
  • Materials and Chemical Sciences
  • Energy Technology
  • Life and Medical Sciences
  • Sports Science
  • Food Science
  • Environmental Science and Engineering
  • Aerospace and Transportation Engineering
  • Information and Computer Science
  • Pharmaceuticals, Healthcare and Medical Devices
  • Tomorrow’s Innovations

If your project relates to one or more of the topics above, you may be eligible for special judging.